Kemp marched in the Farmingdale Fire Department parade in early October.

Kemp marched in the Farmingdale Fire Department parade in early October.

About Kemp

Kemp Hannon is running to represent New York's Sixth Senate District, the area that encompasses the central communities of Nassau County. Throughout his career, he has fought to lower our taxes, to raise allocations for education funding, and to improve the delivery of healthcare for all residents in New York.

His 2018 legislative session was very productive. Championing the Drug Take Back Act, which will involve every chain pharmacy in NY as collection sites for unwanted drugs, keeping them out of the water supply and preventing illegal use. The Rape Victims Bill of Rights to protect victims, accompanied by funding to train emergency room providers advanced protection for women begun by his 2016 legislation to insure all rape kits are tested and tracked. 

Hannon combines constituent advocacy with pivotal state legislation.  Hannon is the Chair of the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Health and Chair of the Senate’s Health Budget Subcommittee, with jurisdiction over all of the Medicaid program.  He is the Assistant Majority Leader on Conference Operations.He is regarded as a policy expert behind both the Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) and its many amendments; as well as the development of New York's Managed Long Term Care program. Additionally, he has guided the development and expansion of health insurance programs including Child Health Plus,  Healthy New York, Family Health Plus, the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program, early intervention effort, and insurance coverage for autism, prostate, and breast cancer screenings. Previously, he served as Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Housing and Community Development.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has appointed Senator Hannon to a number of key health related workgroups such as the Medicaid Redesign Team implementing many reforms (building upon initiatives begun in the Senator’s own reform agenda), the State Health Improvement Plan workgroup, the HCRA Modernization Task Force, as well as the Transparency, Evaluation and Health Information Technology Workgroup responsible for reviewing SHIN-NY, the All Payer Database and Advanced Primary Care initiatives.

Hannon has been the leader on key public health laws on concussion management, vaccinations, Hepatitis C testing, EpiPen access, and curbing e-cigarette use among minors.  Hannon was the champion of the Surprise Bill Law, a law protecting consumers for balance bills from out-of-network providers. He was a leader and prime sponsor of the landmark “I-STOP” law to curb opioid prescription drug use and to monitor controlled substance dispensing activity and patterns. Working with a wide array of senators, he has been instrumental in obtaining record funding and increased access to recovery and treatment services, and expanded insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Hannon sponsored legislation ensuring all individuals can obtain Naloxone, the life-saving overdose antidote, free, without a prescription. In addition, Hannon created legislation with the Patient Health Information and Quality Improvement Act, one of the first initiatives in the nation to require the posting of physician profiles and hospital report cards. Hannon advocated passage of the CARE Act (Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act) which ensures hospital patients’ can designate caregivers who are then offered instruction by hospital staff in providing needed care at home.  He continues to focus on legislation in the areas of long term care, health insurance reform, ending the opioid epidemic, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, preserving our water resources, women’s health issues and organ donation.   

Most recently, Hannon authored, the Clean Water Act – calling for a $5 billion investment in drinking water infrastructure and water quality protection across New York. He also championed the State’s New Drinking Water Quality Council to establish safety levels for potential contaminants in drinking water.  These accomplishments are the result of exhaustive public hearings held upstate and on Long Island.  

Hannon is a graduate of Chaminade High School, Boston College, and Fordham Law School. Hannon was elected to the New York State Senate in 1989 after first serving in the State Assembly where he was the Republican Floor Leader and the Minority Leader Pro Tempore. He is active in community affairs and presently sits on the national Board of the American Legacy Foundation, (also known as TRUTH) an organization dedicated to providing public education about the impact of tobacco in order to reduce its use and associated death and disease. Senator Hannon also served on the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) Executive Committee, is a member of several NCSL bodies including the Health Policy Forum, the Task Force on Innovations in State Health Systems, and the Steering Committee for the Transforming Health Care Through Technology (THCTT) FSL Partners Project. He and his wife Bronwyn reside in Garden City. They are the parents of twin daughters, Alexandra and Madeleine.

Senate Standing Committee Assignments 2018:  Health (Chair); Finance; Judiciary; Labor; Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities; Rules. Additionally, Hannon serves on two New York State Senate Task Forces, one on Heroin and Opioid Addiction and another on Lyme & Tick-borne Diseases.